Curtain ordering

How to order curtains?

Want to order curtains, but don't know how and where to start? Here are some guidelines.
Ordering curtains is easy! Just a few actions and you're done!

The choice of curtains depends primarily on your own wishes and the interior design of the home. This is the most important thing to rely on. If your home has large windows, it is nice to make curtains throughout the room. This is currently the most common way, that is, curtains are made so-called. from Wall to wall. If your home has small windows, the curtains can also make the windows just a little wider.

The price of curtains depends primarily on the size of the room and the choice of fabric. We have a very large selection of fabrics and their price ranges are different. Curtain fabrics are all high quality and from many manufacturers - simple and compact, but also decorative and with a variety of nice patterns. Many fabrics have special properties - sunscreen, blackout, acoustic, bioactive, bactericidal, waterproof, fireproof and even air purifying. You just have to choose exactly what is needed and what pleases you!

So how do you do it?

The width and height of the room are needed to make a price quote for the curtains. You can send them to us as a plan for your home, or measure your height from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. We also ask for your own thoughts on what kind of curtains you want. For example, the living room - a light wavy tulle curtain and decorative side curtains, the bedroom - a simple white day curtain and blinds side curtains or a children's room - large pattern child-friendly curtains.

Our selection of fabrics is very rich, we will definitely find the right one for you! It would be a good idea if you could come to the salon, look at the curtain fabrics with your own eyes and find the one that suits you best! In our offer we usually use a medium price fabric to get an overall picture of the cost of the curtains.

Let's get started!

Here is an apartment for a nice young family in the residential area of Kodulahe - living room + kitchen and bedroom. From the plan we can see where the windows are and what the room dimensions are. The curtains in the living room and the curtains in the bedroom come from wall to wall, and here the dimensions of the windows are not a priority. In the kitchen, however, the curtain comes just in front of the window, and here the size of the window is very necessary for sewing the curtain. We asked the client to clarify it.

The curtains of the living room wanted a young curtain that would cover the entire glass wall of the balcony. They wanted the fabric to be light-transmitting but also slightly opaque. Because the interior is designed to be simple and modern, the curtains are designed to give it a little shade. So the color of the curtains was gray. The curtains come in two parts so that they can be pulled out on both sides and thus have a good access to the balcony.


The kitchen window is very close to the kitchen surface and thin and flying curtains would not be a great choice here. Of course, if there is a desire can be put. For example, similar to a living room window - the entire living room-kitchen has a single design. In this home, however, it was decided to put a simple and minimalist Roman curtain in front of the kitchen window. Again the color is gray, but a bit darker and the fabric is less transparent with a linen look. A technical curtain - a folding curtain, a blind or a blind - is also suitable for such a window. However, the textile curtain chosen will certainly add coziness to the room.

And bedroom curtains - classic white tulips and blackout curtains. The dimmer fabric selected has a very good fall and a gentle satin finish. Fabrics with a structured surface and a delicate pattern, as well as velvet-darkening fabrics as a novelty, were retained, but the simple beauty was retained.

The curtains were intended to be attached to a simple and slightly noticeable curtain rail. The rails are installed in the ceiling. You can also choose to use a cord rail or motor here or even curtain rods, but this time again such an easy choice.

What is the price of curtains?

LIVING ROOM - curtains on the bus
Rail set (here, fasteners, end caps, cord sliders) / 5.05m - 50 eur
Curtain fabric Drapilux 755 (320cm) / 9m - 250 eur
Sewing of curtains (curtain cord, accessories, sewing) - 96 eur
one curtain 3.6x2.63; the second curtain 5,4x2,63
TOTAL 396 eur

KITCHEN - Roman curtain with strong folds
Roman curtain system (system, rods, weight bar) / 2.2m - 90 eur
Curtain fabric Drapilux 180 (300cm) / 2.5m - 96 eur
Curtain sewing, 2.2x1.8 - 84 eur
TOTAL 270 eur

BEDROOM - day curtains and blinds on rails
Rail set (here, fasteners, end caps, sliders) 2pcs 3m / 6m - 48 eur
Curtain fabric Drapilux 761 (300cm) / 5m - 112 eur
Blackout curtain fabric Drapilux 243 (320cm) / 5m - 180 eur
Sewing of curtains (curtain tapes, accessories, sewing) - 140 eur
day curtain 5,0x2,625; side curtains 2pcs 2,5x2,64
TOTAL 480 eur

Installation of curtains and rails - 84 eur



Wishes were specified and curtain fabrics selected. The price of the curtains suited the customer.

So what - work order! Before final approval, we went to the home of the youngsters to more accurately measure the size on the spot. Customers paid in advance, we ordered fabrics and sewed curtains. After three weeks, new beautiful curtains were installed. Work fast and decent!


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