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We offer curtains and other window coverings for every home!

We offer a large variety of fabrics as well as curtain accessories such as tracks, curtain poles, blinds and folding curtains.
We cover everything from design to installation so that you can create a pleasant atmosphere for your home with the minimum of effort.

We strive to provide the right curtains for every window and personality for every home!

Curtains for the office

We spend a third of every working day in the office,
which makes a significant amount of time over the weeks, months, and years.which adds up to a considerable amount of time in weeks, months and years.

By creating a working environment that is comfortable, homely and aesthetically pleasing,
you get more out of your work and are motivated to do your best in your day-to-day tasks.

Aastakäik offers curtains made from high-quality Drapilux fabrics, which are durable,
sound-dampening and fire-resistant while also serving as stylish and effective partitioning.
and also very stylish and efficient job separators.

We also offer a wide range of technical curtains –
roller blinds, venetian blinds, folding curtains and vertical blinds.

Curtains for the hotel

We know how to create a soft, cosy, relaxing atmosphere!

We have worked with many hotels to make their rooms shine and their guests smile. Hotel curtains are made from fire-resistant blackout curtain fabrics from Drapilux
that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Hotellikardinad on valmistatud pimendavast ning kõrgeimasse tulekindluse klassi kuuluvatest Drapilux kangastest, olles nii esteetiliselt nauditavad kui ka funktsionaalsed.

Curtains for public spaces

We represent German fabric manufacturer
Schmitz Textiles GmbH’s Drapilux fabrics in Estonia.

All of our fabrics are of excellent quality and durability.
This makes them perfect for use in public institutions,
which are very demanding environments due to their constant use.

We offer both classic and innovative solutions depending on your needs.

Curtains for cafe, restaurant

When you go to a café or restaurant, you want to be able to relax in a stylish and cosy environment, take a break from your everyday life and simply enjoy good food and being in the moment. The interior design of the space is almost as important as the food and service.

Our curtains will help you bring out your unique vision for your space.

Curtains for halls

We are inspired by large projects.

The nimble fingers and talented hands of our seamstresses work on thousands of metres of fabric,
which then become curtains for theatres, concert stages, museums, presentation rooms and assembly halls.

Curtains for leisure rooms

Often curtains are the accessories which complete the interior of a room by creating the right mood and tying all the interior design elements together.

We can find the right solution for your play centre, gym, spa or bowling alley.

Curtain solution for the event

special and occasionally downright crazy projects. special and sometimes even crazy projects!

Are you looking for metal or glass beaded curtains, Are you looking for metal or glass beaded curtains,

We are always open to new challenges!

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