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20 years of experience.

About us

Every year is different from the last, with its own story to tell. At the same time, every day includes experiences, successes and lessons from the one before it, helping us continue to grow.

Our specialists have invaluable experience over the last 20 years, we have decorated the windows of hundreds of homes and offices and undertaken large, complex projects.

We are inspired by big ideas and exciting challenges. Recently, we have offered our services to Wasa Resort Hotel and Nothel Hotel, as well as to the office spaces of Estonian Railways. We are currently working on blinds and curtains for the Noblessner Foundry.

Our customers' ideas are always an exciting challenge for our team, including our nimble and professional seamstresses.

We believe that everything is possible!

Highest Quality

We represent German manufacturer Schmitz Textiles GmbH’s Drapilux fabrics in Estonia.

Drapilux fabrics are high-quality and reliable, with the highest class of fire resistance. Many Drapilux fabrics are sound-dampening, bioactive and designed for use in hotels and ships.

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